As Jackie in Mauritius (Milwaukee Chamber Theatre)

"It soon becomes clear that there's far more to Jackie than initially meets the eye, and that goes double for Sara Zientek, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee student who plays her and who wowed me."

-Mike Fischer, Chamber Theatre cast puts stamp of value on 'Mauritius' - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Photo by Mark Frohna

As Poppy in Noises Off (The Milwaukee Repertory Theater)

"And finally, that brings us to Sara Zientek. She is a local girl and a member of the Rep's acting intern company. She plays the stage manager and the other lover of the director. She is playing with a real powerhouse of acting talent in this production. But she more than holds her own; she sparkles. Before our very eyes, she is growing from a talented girl to a formidable woman, fully capable of standing with the very best in the city and standing just as tall as they do."

-Dave Begel, Rep's "Noises Off" is a First-Rate Farce -

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As Wilma in Hamlet in Hiding (The Milwaukee Repertory Theater Rep Labs)

"Rich Ruben's Hamlet in Hiding, a madcap bit about Irish bank robbers, would be winning SNL skits. The interns knocked them out of the park. Special commendations go to Edelman, Dawkins and Zientek for the wholehearted embrace, under Leda Hoffman's direction, of their inner Irish female Three Stooges."

-Tom Strini, Milwaukee Rep's Interns Do 10 Plays in 2 Hours - Tom Strini Writes

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As Sky in Come Back (In Tandem Theatre)

As for Sky herself, Zientek captures how hard it is for her to admit all she feels; early on, Zientek is channeling a character trying much too hard to pretend everything is fine. 

But by journey's end, Zientek's slow, adeptly paced burn generates real heat. Zientek makes movingly clear that nobody misses Erin quite like Sky does.....

-Mike Fischer, In Tandem's 'Come Back' explores how we grieve - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


Kudos to an American Players Theatre actor Sara Zientek for her Sky who captures humor contrasted against the character's struggle of her friend's death with charming sincerity. With Zientek equally comfortable on stage delivering anxiety, compassion or wit, the audience absorbs Sky's loss.

-Peggy Sue Dunigan, In Tandem's World Premiere Travels Neil Haven's Road of Grief - Broadway

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As R.C. in Bug (Splinter Group)

Zientek deliver the goods.... Despite her brash exterior, Zientek's R.C. exudes genuine love and loyalty for Agnes, alongside a sharp sense of humor and an even sharper sense that men can't be trusted.

-Mike Fischer, Splinter Group's "Bug" Not as Creepy as it Could Be - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


...Zientek, who swashbuckles through Agnes’ life, is a brilliant performer who stands this play well.

-Dave Begel, Bug is a Disturbing and Frightening Journey to Madness -


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As Mary, Miriam & Muffy in 'Twas The Month Before Christmas (a comedy by Doug Jarecki)

How else does one ... propose to a woman who insists she's a virgin even though she's visibly pregnant? And who, in Zientek's capable hands, can be understandably cranky and prickly — given the burden she's carrying?

-Mike Fischer, Doug Jarecki's nativity story a smart, funny and sweet production - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel



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As Becky in Slowgirl (Milwaukee Chamber Theatre)

Zientek combines a brash, irreverent, funny and often tough exterior with all such a persona hides of a soul who is frightened, insecure, sensitive and lost.

-Mike Fischer, Lost Souls Try to Find Their Way In "Slowgirl" - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


Zientek's monologues at the end of the play are the work of a powerful and brave actor.

-Dave Begel, Chamber's "Slowgirl" is a Gentle Look at Two Strangers Bound by Blood and Love -



Photo by Paul Ruffolo

As Bianca in The Taming (Next Act Theatre)

Zientek is up to the task as she continues her string of outstanding performances. She is cute, funny and has a chameleon-like ability to turn from one original character to another, all to the delight of the audience.

-Dave Begel, Next Act's "The Taming" is a perfectly timed political blast-



Photo by Ross Zentner

As Dawn in Lobby Hero (Milwaukee Chamber Theatre)

Zientek is at her best as she conveys the growing confidence of a woman who has moved beyond the posturing that typifies her boss and who is quietly determined to find her way. 

-Mike Fischer, Takeaways for Lobby Hero- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Zientek continues to amaze me every time I see her. She finds in her character depths of personal development that only an actor in touch with life could do.

-Dave Begel, Honor and dishonor sneak into the picture in Chamber's "Lobby Hero" -

Photo by Paul Ruffolo

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